Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Seven Quilts - Number Two - Window Comforter

 This quilt is much more like a comforter.  I used some pretty high loft polyester batting I had laying around, so the quilting is minimal.  Really just enough to hold it all together.  The print is a fun kid print with dogs and sheep.  I just added borders until I could get it as big as I wanted.  My general goal for these was 40"x50".  This one finished at 41"x55".  The coordinator of these quilts pointed out that they always have enough baby size quilts, so larger ones would be nice.  That became my goal!
Today's tip.  If you are binding a big fluffy quilt like this one, cut your binding a bit larger.  I made a 2.5" binding for this one, and it made it so much easier to turn.  Especially when binding on the machine.

Tip #2:  Do you know what those weird metal bars are for that came with your walking foot?
 They are for straight line quilting, without measuring or marking.
 Mine fit into this grey hole in the back.
 Right side.
 Left Side.  At the widest they are 3.5" from the needle.
 Here's a shot of one in progress.

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