Monday, July 2, 2012

Seven Quilts - Number One - The Cow Quilt

 First up is the 'Cow Quilt'.  It was fun to put together, with the crazy novelty cow print as the focus.  I just pulled various solids to match it.  The quilting is straight line, and quite classic as well.  Stitch in the ditch with added diagonals.  In this last batch of charity quilts, this one was the biggest, measuring 46" x 67" when finished.

Today's tip is this:   For my charity quilts, I do not take the time to hand stitch a binding.  However, I have discovered that I cannot do the method that cuts the back larger and brings it to the front for a binding - otherwise my quilts do not end up square.  So, I still cut a 2" binding, folding and ironing once.  For attaching, I machine sew it to the back first.  Then turn it to the front and sew it down close to the edge.  If done just right, the extra line of quilting on the back should be right next to the seam for the binding.  I am usually happy with 'good enough.'

Tip Two:  Let your kids help.  I had E lay out the blocks for the quilt.  I promised I wouldn't change them at all.  She didn't do symmetrical, but that's ok.  Helps move your eyes around the quilt.