Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh, Me-ow Goodness!

Our quilt guild held their annual pot-luck and sale last night.  Things were arranged a little differently than in the past.  There apparently used to be tables marked with prices, and items were placed, rummaged through and purchased.   This year we had paper bags for each item and we purchased tickets for $.50 (as many as we wanted) and put tickets into the bags of things we wanted.  The more you wanted an item, the more tickets you could put in.  Well, I won two items!

 There were two bags with a stack of patterns, each with a ruler.  I was much more interested in the rulers!  Not sure what I'll do with the patterns.

 There was also a silent auction aspect to the sale.  For the larger items.  I went in with another member and we won 48 yards of cat fabrics.  That's right FORTY-EIGHT YARDS.  We paid less than $1.00 a yard!  Apparently the donator had been collecting them for a while and realized she wasn't ever going to use them.  Good for me!  I have a cat loving girl!
Just a few of the fun prints.
Even some Laurel Birch Cats!

A lot of really nice fabrics, not a 'scrap' in the bunch. 
I also came home with three random bolts of fabric of varying lengths.  I would guess a total of at least 10 yards.  Great for backings - and E likes the plaid.

All the proceeds from our sales go right back to the guild - so its fun and worth it.  And better than passing a basket!

Have you brought home any goodies lately?

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