Monday, June 4, 2012

EPP Hexagon Pin Cushion Tutorial Version 2

To get to this point of the tutorial, you will want to reference my first tutorial on English Paper Piecing and also the Hexagon Pin Cushion Tute Version 1.  At this point we have a mini quilt ready to go.
I downloaded a hexagon from incompetech that was 2.25 inches on each side - that looked about right to me.

To get a hex that big or bigger to print, this is how you will have to fill out the form:

Cut out a window with your hexagon.
I ended up marking it from the back, so I could see it, but you could mark it from the front, just as easily.
Cut out your hexagon shape.
Using the inside of the paper hexagon that you cut, cut out a piece for the back of your pin cushion.
Top and back:
Pin around the edges, leaving space to turn.
Stitch about 1/4" around the edge.  Cut off corners before turning.
Turn right side out (chopsticks are my favorite tool for pushing out corners)  and fill with stuffing.
Slip stitch the opening to close it up.

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