Sunday, March 25, 2012

Peeps Bunny Quilt

 Meet "Pretty in Peep".  She is my submission for the "RAM's Third Annual International
PEEPS® Competition."

When I came across the opportunity to enter a piece of 'art' that either looked like a Peeps or was made out of/with Peeps - I couldn't resist.  I had to make a mini-quilt.  The entry is free and they hang up all the works for people to see (and vote for Peeps choice).  It wasn't even until I re-read the rules before submitting the piece that I saw there are prizes.  I just thought it was a fun challenge to take up.  

The details:  The flower fabric is from my mom's apparel stash.  I think she had made a blouse out of it, but I thought it was the perfect Peeps pink.  The blue is a Moda Marbles and the border is a yellow stripe - current, but not sure who's line.  I just picked up a random fat quarter that was Peeps yellow.

The eyes and nose are buttons.  They were originally brown, but the perfect size -  I colored them black with a permanent marker (I really didn't want to spend too much on the project)

The flowers are buttons, and I gave her a classic string of pearls.

The back of this piece is a mess.  Good thing its an art show and not a quilt show.  After quilting I didn't think the bunny was poofy enough, so I cut a slit and added some stuffing.  This lead to two problems.  One - I now had a large hole in the back AND the bunny was so puffy, the quilt would not hang straight.  So.  I sewed up the slit and appliqued a felt Peep over the hole.  Then I added extra side sleeves/pockets for wood pieces to help straighten things up.

Finished size is 11 x 14.  And I'm really sorry about the photos.  After almost two weeks of summery weather, it turned gray and rainy the day this was done and I was ready to turn it in.  Maybe I can get better pictures when its hung up in the gallery.

I did embroider the label - originally because I thought I would have the title on the front, but realized that was weird.  Also because it is going to be out of my hands for a month, I wanted a more permanent record of who it belongs to.

For those of you who are local (i.e. Southeastern WI): The exhibit is at the Racine Art Museum The exhibit opens Friday April 6.  Which is a First Friday - which means you can see the exhibit for free!  If you can't make it that day the exhibit runs until April 22.  Prices aren't too bad: $5 for adults and kids 12 & under are free.
I'm sure we'll be there Friday, my kids definitely want to see all the entries and they are off for Good Friday.

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elizabeth said...

So, so cute! Gotta love Peeps : )

Deborah said...

Very cute and creative! I'm crazy for Peeps. I'm one of the few I know who loves to eat them! Take care. Deb.

Mindy said...


We might have to plan a trip to the RAM. =)

Michelle said...

She's adorable -- love the pearls!

MC said...

That is super cute, great fabric choice!

Shannon said...

That is too cute! What an elegant peep. The apparel fabric really makes it, perfect color and sheen. I love the pearls too. Fabulous!

Jessica PierreAuguste said...

Very cute, good luck in the art show!