Friday, April 7, 2017

Kaleidescopeep: A Mini Quilt Challenge

Seems like all I've been doing is mini quilts lately.....
Anyway, I waited to share this finish in the hopes I would have fabulous gifts and prizes to tell you about.  Alas, I do not, but I still love this little quilt.

Some background first: One of our local museums: The Racine Art Museum has been holding an annual Peep art contest for 8 years now.  Last year they started included quilt blocks (I had no idea), but this year I heard about it and decided to participate.
 We could either use the fabric we were given, or have a Peep represented in the quilt.
 I decided to do a Mariner's compass block with the fabric and quickly realized I would need more.  An Etsy shop helped me out with that.
 I did English paper piecing.

 Occasionally making mistakes!

 So here we are all put together: Do you see the problem? Not a circle.  Sigh.  I appliqued the center pink circle, and that went really well.
 But, the edges of the circle didn't work out well.  Below, it is appliqued to the pink background.
 If I did something like this again, I think I would leave the edges of the circle unbasted and applique the pink onto the circle for a better edge.  Live and learn.
 I outlined all the shapes with white embroidery floss.  Just through the batting layer.
 Then, to help cover up the uneven edge, I couched whit yarn with a zig-zag stitch.
 Grr.  It helped, but still one bumpy spot!  Finish is 12.5" square.
 The back. Pocket corners and one white one as a label.
 The show originally started that you had to make items out of the Peeps marshmallow candies.  The Peepcock above and Pink Pig below were a couple of my favorites.
 Now you just have to at least represent the Peep.  Here's a link to the Museum's Peeps Exhibit. (my name's even listed as an artist!)
 A couple of shots of the wall of quilt blocks.  That blue bunny looking over the fence was the winner. "Peeping Tom"
You can see many more pictures at this Facebook link of our local Lighthouse Quilters Guild. (You could even like it, if you wanted to...)


Needled Mom said...

Those are all so clever. That was a lot of work on those EPP peeps!

Danette said...

This is just a fantastic use of Peeps! Awesome!