Wednesday, October 14, 2015

WIP Wednesday 10.14.15

Yes! I'm here!  Why haven't I been blogging you ask?  Because I've been sewing like a crazy person, that's why.  Lots of finished projects to start sharing now that I've got some time to sit, edit, and write.

 First, lets take a deep breath, and let it out slowly.  This is the pile of quilts getting dropped off for the show this afternoon.  1 for the bed turning. 1 for E. 1 for WD. 2 for me.  They are done.  I didn't even do any stitching on them today.  Last night, maybe..... Late..... But it wasn't today!
 So now, my WIPs are catching up on all the stuff that I've been not doing, putting off, or just getting by on.  Like laundry.  I've been washing since we got home from a long weekend away Sunday, but haven't folded a thing.  Think about this: 7 people in the family.  If we all wear socks, that's 14 socks at the end of the day.  Times a week, that's 98 socks a week.
 Since I don't have fun quilty projects to actually share today, how about cute pictures of Mini painting?
 She did this for an hour.  The girl is dedicated.
So this is my list.  Looks like the last time I revised it was in July.   Hahahaha!  So I'll go with it, ignoring the things that got added and finished along the way.
 1. Sample Project  DONE
2. 4-in-Art DONE
3. Temperature Quilt DONE
4. D's Quilt
5. Tree Quilt  DONE
6. Wreath Quilt DONE
7. Red/White Mini DONE
8. DA Quilt
9. Hexie Baby - DONE
10. Guild Challenge Quilt - Thirteen - DONE
11. Central Park
12. Charm Parade
13. Wisteria Crayon Challenge DONE
14. Flip Flop Quilt - DONE
15. Two More Samples - DONE
16. Four-In-Art Round 2  DONE
17. Two More Samples-DONE
18. Modern Tree-DONE
19. Four-In-Art Round 3-DONE
20. Grey Challenge-DONE

 I've also finished two swap quilts along the way and more samples.  I'll start posting things soon.  But wow, I just crossed off like six more things.  WOO HOO.

So right exactly now, I am not working on anything.  Which is somewhat misleading.  I have two things I need to start and finish.  First up will be my next Four-in-Art quilt.  Still doing Fairy Tales.  I've got it all planned in my head.  I also need to make my Schnitzel and Boo mini swap quilt.  I have a plan.....

And then.  Nothing.  No more deadlines.  I'm sure I'll get some sample work, but that is it.  I long ago decided not to sew for Christmas Presents, so I think I'll look to finishing some of my older projects.

I know that was a lot of words and no eye candy.  Thanks for sticking through it.  I'm not even going to link, because there isn't anything to show. 

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