Friday, September 18, 2015

Two More Finished Samples

 The Crazy Train of Sewing has so far managed to stay on track. 
 Two more samples finished and in the mail.
 These snowman snowflakes are super cute. 

 And they take a lot of time! 
Trace the pattern six times to make the snowflake, then trace three times on wonder under, then fuse, then cut, then fuse again, and then applique. 
Once again for the sake of time and reality, the applique stitch and the quilting are on in the same.
This one measures 13"x39"
The tree table runner was all pieced.  Triangles and angled rectangles.  It went together surprisingly fast.  I plan on a post about using paper and your ruler instead of cutting plastic templates for something like this.  Soon. Really.
The quilting is done in a silver grey from Aurifil.  I love how it makes the quilting pop more from the white.
This one is 12" x 48"

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OPQuilt said...

Your quilting in these samples is really amazing, Rachel. You've really made strides this last while--I'm taking a screenshot of those spirals to put in my idea book for FMQ. I also like seeing all your samples. You are amazingly productive, and it fits in with my general idea that it's fun to watch other people at work!