Tuesday, April 28, 2015

WIP Tuesday 4.28.15

 Lots and lots of WIPs.  I want to sew all the things all the time right now. 
 This is a small section of the back side of my next Four-in-Art quilt.  Reveal is Friday, May 1.  Seriously, if I show you anything else, you'll totally know what I'm doing, so you must wait.

 After a couple years, I finally have all these blocks ready for a long term leader/ender project.  The top blocks are French General Chateau Rouge.  I had originally bought a brown for the background.  I was all ready to cut it out on Friday, but bought something different on Saturday at the LQS sale.  Now I'm committed.
 The pieces are all on this tray to hopefully keep things together, organized and easily accessible.  The plan is simple 9-patch to make a single Irish Chain.
 I've got my main pieces cut for my modern tree.  I really wish I had a design wall.....
 Still stitching around the petals.  Just 7 to go.  Then I will quilt.
 I wrote a list of all that I was working on and then remembered that Pixels to Patchwork has an awesome printable to organize projects - so I did that.  Same information, just looks a little nicer.  And yes, I'm hoping for 5 finishes or so by the end of May.  I can hope, right?
 This turkey is one reason the blogging is sporadic.  As soon as the computer is on, she's trouble.  Although after a few days of fever and cough, I'll take a little trouble.

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