Friday, December 12, 2014

Instagram Mini Swap Quilt Finish

 My first ever swap quilt is finished, sent, received and loved!
 After working fairly consistently over the last couple of months, this is the final product.  All quilted up, washed and bound - the day before I sent it.
 After all the quilting in the grey was done, it was suggested via instagram that I should add some quilting in the gem areas, so I did.
 This shot of the back shows off the quilting really well.  I also made a diamond shaped label to add to the quilt.
 Another shot of the back and the quilting.
 I threw in a few goodies as well, one of them being this great collection of crayons!  I thought they fit the theme pretty well.

 I also included a decorative diamond that I found at Hobby Lobby, some QR quilt tags and some chocolate, of course

Tomorrow I'll share the wonderful quilt I received, all the way from Australia!


Vicki said...

You had one lucky swap partner! This little 'jem' turned out sooo wonderfully. Your cookies look delicious.

OPQuilt said...

This turned out soooo well! I love your inventiveness and the creative way you had all the elements coalesce. Now you can just do your Christmas stuff!