Friday, August 1, 2014

Four-In-Art - Urban: Contrasts

 This round of our Four-In-Art group had a theme of Urban: Contrasts.

My first thought when I heard the theme was something to do with the city of Milwaukee and the one farm that is within the county limits. (it's at the zoo)  As I was looking at Milwaukee skylines, it occurred to me that the greater contrast was between the city and Lake Michigan.  Complete urban vs Complete nature.

 This is the skyline as seen from Lake Michigan.

 And so here we have A Study in Contrasts: 3. 
 Straight Line Quilting vs. Wavy Quilting.
 Black Skyline vs. White Reflection
 Orange vs. Blue (opposites on the color wheel)

Next post I'll share Study in Contrasts 1 & 2 which were made in preparation for Number 3 and some construction details.

I do need to point out one thing about this quilt.
That building under the big green arrow?  Not there anymore.  It was knocked down this spring and will be replaced with a new one over the next three years.  Mr. Riley used to work in that building!

Now, go check out all my partners in crime and their amazing quilts!  I know I will be!
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Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

I love how you tied in so many different types of contrast to your quilt. Color, stitching, nature vs manmade. I'm also amazed at what you included in such a small scale quilt. Years ago when I lived in Madison I used to visit a friend in Milwaukee but haven't been there now in a long long time. Always loved the lakeshore.

Susan said...

Love the contrasts you have accentuated in this- the city reflection, the colours chosen and the quilting! Very effective!

Betty said...

Rachel, what a perfect "contrast" quilt - I love everything about it! At first I thought the blue of the lake was actually the back and then realized it WAS the lake. Your quilting on this one is absolutely perfect. I love our challenges - so many great and unique interpretations of the same thing!

Nancy said...

Wonderful interpretation of contrast. You did such a good job of "detail" with minimal in color, line, reflection and quilting. Looking forward to seeing what you worked on before this final piece.

OPQuilt said...

This is terrific! I loved the reflection of the skyline in the water, certainly a strong contrast, yet echo, of the urban environment. I also love that it's a memento of a time and place in your life, where your husband used to work. That's really cool that it was able to be factored in to your art quilt.

Finally the colors and the line: blue vs earth colors and the heavy silhouette vs. the thin white line as reflection. The use of these techniques really amp up the contrast, yet tie them together. Lovely!


Leanne said...

I think this is my favourite of all the quilts you have made in the challenge so far. I love the minimalist approach and the different quilting. It's great that it includes that old building where you have a personal connection too. Do people go out on the lake to see this view or is that a more rare event? It's a wonderful quilt.

Vicki said...

Oh Rachel...this is absolutely wonderful! I hope that you hang this somewhere that you can admire your work every day.

Carla said...

Your quilt is just genius! I love the simplicity of it and how well it captures the topic....not to mention how pretty it is. Fantastic job!!

AmandaK@whatthebobbin said...

So many contrasting layers. I love the way you depicted the reflection of the building. This is a gorgeous little quilt.