Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Old Abe - Case Eagle Quilt

 A finish for the week!  Meet Old Abe, the mascot for the Case Tractor Company.  You can read a very interesting story of how the eagle became J.I. Case's choice for his company's symbol.
 I have a story of how he came to be.  For our guild challenge we were given the fabrics you see above.  They are all Stonhenge fabrics.  When I received them they just looked like different shades of mud to me.  However, part of the rules were that we create something related to our city.  I was stuck on that for a long time.
 Finally, inspiration.  Case's headquarters is in Racine, and my dad has worked there for over 40 years!

 I decided to embrace the Stonehenge theme, and picked up some more colors.
 Getting started. 
 I did raw edge fusible applique.

 I had this much out on my ironing board, minus the letters, when my dad was over.  He immediately recognized it.  No surprises around here!
 Building the bird.  His eye was creeping me out.  Looked kind of Egyptian, and my letters were crooked.  I also double checked the rules, and realized I hadn't used enough of the green and grey fabrics.  So I pieced a background.
 Or vertical?  Horizontal won.
Now for the sad part of the story.  After sewing like crazy, in between feedings, cryings, and rockings, I had all the quilting done.  Ready to finish burying threads, trim, and make binding.  I trimmed too much.  Two inches too much.  There were size requirements for this challenge, and I was going by what looked good to me.  There may have been tears. (considering new born and lack of sleep, anyway).  I went to bed. This was Tuesday night.  Had to turn the quilts for the show by 4:00 pm Wednesday.

So I got up this morning with renewed purpose.  Used a 'quilt as you go' method to attach the red framing pieces and sewed like crazy to finish it up.  I actually did the whole binding by machine.  For a show quilt I would normally never do that.  No.Time.  I did hand sew the mitered corners, first.  I got it turned in with 30 minutes to spare!  Whew.

And, incidentally, it looks better with the frame!

Some close up shots:

 The back:
 The facts:
"Old Abe"
16" x 22.5"
cotton/bamboo batting
A variety of threads: Aurifil, Sulky variegated for the back ground, and some Coats & Clark cotton for all the black outlining.

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Anonymous said...

Very clever. Your eagle turned out great.

Sarah said...

They say you learn something new everyday. My Dad has Case tractors and is looking to buy a Case harvester (we are in Australia). He says they are the best for follow up service. And here I find out where they are manufactured (I had a vague idea they were American) and that your Dad works for them!