Monday, July 8, 2013

Finish A Long Quarter 3

It is time to link up with the Finish A Long hosted by Leanne at She Can Quilt.

At the risk of some repetetiveness, I will bring back some of the UFO's that were on last quarter's list and add a couple new ones.
 I would like to get this small top turned into a quilted bag of some kind.
 This is my dissappearing 9 patch, still waiting to be finished.  Everyone at guild will be sharing theirs this month.  I'm not going, whether the baby has shown up, or not.
 I would like to get this one finished, although since I don't have a real plan for it, I think that's why it's still hanging around.

 If new baby is a girl, I suspect I might get this one done!
And Mr. Owl is definitely getting there.  Lot of hand sewing.  Which is fine, because I feel like doing lots of sitting lately.

So, 5 planned finished on the list, plus a new baby....Let's just say I'm feeling optimistic :)


Mindy said...

The owl is really cute. =)

Unknown said...
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Jennie @ Porch Swing Quilts said...

Well, no matter what, you win the big finish prize for producing a new baby this quarter! Love your owl. It's nice to have some handwork those last few months of pregnancy.

OPQuilt said...

Love the addition of the baby. I want to see pictures of this child in the FAL Q3 wrap-ups. And I think you should win something for that!

Jordan F said...

Your disappearing nine patch looks great! Last time I made one, it turned into a complete mess. Glad yours is coming together much more beautifully - you must be far more accurate than I am!