Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday 4.10.13

I'm trying to focus on one project this week.  I know, completely unusual for me.  You see, I offered to make some duvet covers for a friend's daughters.  I think I got the fabric in January.  I am reusing the bedding from when the girls were babies.  My friend said "no hurry, don't worry about it".  Well, it would have been much better had she given me a deadline!  I trying to get them done so I don't feel so guilty every time I look at the pile!

 A couple of super cute motifs that I am trying to replicate and use.
 Here is one of the covers so far.  Lots of applique.  No quilting.  I see hours of satin stitch in my future.
 The diamonds are from the quilt under the white.  These will be covering pink comforters, so a nice pink hue should come through.  I am also planning a couple of throw pillows to go along.  Hoping to finish by the end of the week...I've got a baby quilt to crank out soon, too.

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