Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quilt Meeting Recap

Last night I attended our monthly Quilt Guild Meeting of the Lighthouse Quilt Guild.  It was great fun and very interesting to have one of our own members do a presentation of 20 quilts from the past 20 decades.  She started with one from the 1820s!

I managed to get a few (bad phone) shots that I thought would be fun to share and talk just a bit about.

 From the late 1800s.  Paper Piecing anyone?  This top still has the papers in it!  It is easily dated by one of the papers that had a date on it.  Many of the paper pieces were from patterns!

 Also late 1800s.  Log Cabin in the Court House Steps Variation.

 1920s (I think)  Ginghams, plaids, and stripes!
 Pixelated Wreath.  A Mary Orr design.  This one is just a top as well.  All those squares were hand pieced!
 From the 1950s.  Scrappy Trip Around the World!
 More EPP.  I believe from the 1860s.  Silk and Velvet pieces in here.  This piece of a top has been framed between glass.

 This was a small example that was used to showcase current quilting.  This is a piece by Marilyn Badger.  Its wrapped in plastic so we could pass it around and not wreck it!  The very detailed quilting is done in metallic threads.

As Jane brought many of these quilts out last night, I just kept thinking about the 'modern quilt' movement - and how its really quite rooted in the past!
 And I managed to get a handful of hexies done during the program.  I've been doing them for so long, it doesn't take any thought anymore.


Mindy said...

Wow--those old quilts are so fascinating.

M. E. Stephens said...

Wow! That's pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing these pictures with us.