Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WIP WED 10.17.12

A.K.A.  What I am bringing Up North.

Here it is WIP Wednesday and I am busy planning and packing for our annual Fall Adventure Up North.  Mr. Riley goes grouse hunting while the rest of us sit and around and wait.  Ok, that's not really true.  We have lots of fun, and family adventures.  This time around there are even plans in the works to camp on the shores of Lake Superior - but we won't have to fight for a space!

So, on to my plans.  I am sending my sewing machine up today with my FIL.  It is a hard thing to not have it around.  We shall be reunited on Friday!

 A fun fall-ish quilt in the works. Hopefully I can get the blocks cut at home so I can piece while I'm gone.
 This Ombre Quilt WILL BE DONE by the time I come home.
 Probably last on the list, but I'll bring it anyway, is my hand applique project
 I've got this Windows Quilt basted and ready to go.  Planning to get this one quilted while I'm away.

I hope you don't mind, but things will be a bit quiet around this space.  I haven't prepared any posts for while I'm gone.  I have no idea how to blog from my phone. And while I do have an Ipad to play with for a month, I am frustrated by its supposed intuitive interface.  Frankly, not enough buttons for me.

So I shall see you when I get back - with a big pile of finishes! Hah!

BTW.  I hit 160 followers today.  Thanks so much.  I feel very amazed when I see that that amount of people have even a small amount of  interest in what I have to say!

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OPQuilt said...

Congratulations on the 160 followers! You have lots of wonderful quilts and interesting sewing projects on your blog, so I know that people (like me) enjoy reading, even though I don't always comment.

I hope you have a terrific time up north. We are currently battling another heat wave (having done battle is how I this morning!) so am quite jealous of your fall weather and activities.

And I love that Ombre quilt! Have fun with getting it done.


Heidi Grohs said...

Woohoo on 160!!!

You better have that Ombre quilt done ;D! I think it is so fun that you go away like that in the fall....we probably need to since the fall isn't really a Fall around here!!!

Martha said...

Love your projects...the ombre quilt is my favorite. Have fun!

Barb N said...

Have fun on your retreat/vacation/get-away! I really like the fabrics in your Windows quilt. Enjoy!

Margaret said...

When you say up north are you going to the UP? I am off to a quilt retreat in Cadillac. Want to come with me in April for the spring retreat? It is so much fun.