Thursday, September 13, 2012

Leather Pouches

 I made two leather belt pouches for Mr. Riley's costume. 

 For the leather, I purchased a leather skirt from one of our local thrift stores.  $3.00 for a knee length skirt.  Pretty good deal as far as I'm concerned.
 This is the first pouch I made.  Following the pattern and directions from Butterick 5371.  Did you know you can fuse things to leather?  Me neither, but it worked pretty well.  The whole thing is lined with muslin fused to the leather.
 After it was finished and I handed it to Mr. Riley he says, "That's a little more refined than I was expecting."  Yep.  So back to the sewing table I went.  I drafted this one myself.  Longer and thinner - less 'pretty'.
 It was originally the color of the other pouch.  Mr. Riley used shoe polish to darken it up and crumpled it up in his hands to give it a more weathered look.  I also neglected to center the loop and button.  Just adds more rustic charm, right?
As you can see in the picture above, he did end up wearing them both.  No pockets in the medieval era.


Gill said...

I like them! I've never considered sewing with leather - did you use a domestic sewing machine? special needles?

Anita Rozendaal said...

LOL Mr. Riley you crack me up!

Michelle said...

Those are great!