Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our Grand Adventure

We arrived home last night from our adventure out to Las Vegas and places near.  Our biggest adventure was the trip to see the Grand Canyon.  Wow.  It is everything I thought it would be, and completely different.

 On our way out of Nevada, into Arizona, we stopped at Hoover Dam.  Big, and very, very hot the day we stopped.  We really didn't stay long except to look around and snap a few pictures.  There was a charge just to get into the visitor's center.  Really?!
 We stopped in Kingman - on Route 66 to eat lunch, and found an old Steamy from the Sante Fe line.  The younger boys were thrilled.
 Loved this shot of the hill being blasted through for the highway.
 Our first view of the canyon.  We exchanged taking family shots with another family.  Incidentally, one of the few other Americans we met/saw.  Apparently the Grand Canyon is quite an International destination.

 We spent the night in an hotel just outside the park, and went back in the morning.

 Moments like these are why I'm sure I came home with more grey hairs!
 There is nothing under that ledge that Mr. Riley has crawled out on.  Nothing.

I'll continue to share a couple more posts on our vacation.   Mean while we are getting back into the swing of things just being home.  School starts in a couple of weeks.  I have a flower girl dress to make, a quilt to start, and a pattern to write/publish.  Ready, set, Go!


thornberry said...

What a wonderful trip! Great photos. Seeing the Grand Canyon is definitely on my bucket list!

Heidi Grohs said...

This reminded me of the time we took the kids. They said. "Wow, this is big". Then we made a few more stops and their "this was big" became less and less enthusiastic. Then they asked us "when is lunch?"

We were glad it was a "passing through" trip instead of a destination trip!!!