Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flying Geese Block Tutorial

 This is a pretty easy way to make four flying geese blocks at a time.  Also, it keeps you from having to deal with stretchy bias edges.
These instructions will make flying geese that measure 3.5" x 6.5"
I'll give an alternate size at the end of the tutorial.

You will need two fabrics.  One for the goose, and one for the background.

Cut a 9" square for the background and a 7.5" square for the goose.

 Draw a diagonal line from one corner to the other on the goose square.

 Center the goose square on top of the background square and pin.

 Sew 1/4" on each side of the drawn diagonal line.

Cut on the line.

Press open, pressing seam toward larger (background) triangle.

 You will now have two 'squares' that look like this
 Now turn them around, matching corners.  The seams will not match, or 'snug'.
 Draw a line from one corner to the other.


 Sew 1/4" on each side of the drawn line.

Cut on the line.

 In order for the triangles to lay correctly when pressed, you will need to take a small snip in the center, so the seams can go in opposite directions.

 Press seams so they lay toward the larger triangle (the background).

 You will now have two blocks that look like this.

Time to trim out the geese.

If you have the Flying Geese Quilt in a Day ruler - great, use that.  If not, no problem, I don't either, and I'll show you how to trim up your geese.  You will need a ruler that has a 45 degree line on it and is at least as large as your goose.  I used a 12.5" square ruler.

First, line up your 45 degree angle on on side of the goose - centering the 3.25" line at the point.
 Trim along the top and right edge.
 Turn the block around.  Line up the 6.5" line on the left and the 3.5" line along the bottom.
 Trim on the top and right sides.
 Repeat for the other flying goose block.
Now you will have four flying geese.
 With 8 you can make a Dutchman's puzzle block.
 With 24 you can do all sorts of layouts.

For geese that are 2.5" x 4.5"  Start with a 5.5" square on top of a 7" square.  Peak will center at 2.25".

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