Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ruffle Tank

Worst impulse fabric buy, ever.

 I bought some ruffle fabric last year when I was in Las Vegas.  I knew E would love it.
 She demanded asked for a tank top made of it.  I had planned a nice easy skirt.  Minimal edges.  It was not to be.
 The whole thing caused me stress. I did not like sewing with all those ruffles,  but she loves it.
 This was my sample tank.  I made a pattern based on one we already had.  This one was cut out of an old t-shirt of mine.
 I'm sure it will get some wear.
As you can see, we've had some grey and rainy days lately.  Sure would be nice to have some sun.

And that is the end of sewing for E.  At least for a while.  I have a swimsuit planned and another big project, but after a break from working on quilts - I'm ready to jump back in.  I even have a finish to show you - as soon as I can get it photographed!

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thornberry said...

It might have been a pain to sew but it looks lovely! No wonder she likes it.