Friday, April 20, 2012

How I Made The Ruby Quilt - Quilting & Finishing

I decided the quilt definitely needed borders.  Most of my quilts get borders.  I think it helps to frame the piece.  I also heavily pin basted before quilting.  Flannel has a tendency to stretch, and I didn't want puckers!
 For this piece I did some sketches for the quilting.  I decided simpler was better (and easier).
 A test of the stitches on a layered swatch.
 The thing is, you can't see the quilting on the back at all.  This could be a good thing :). 
 And really, it's hard to see it on the front as well, unless it is in a high contrast spot like these:

I guess it's a good reminder that a busy pieced quilt doesn't need fancy quilting.  I still love the flowers, though.

Then I just put the binding on - same fabric as the border - and held the quilt hostage until I could see the baby!  (I was really just waiting for the birth so I could put her name on the label.)


Jennifer Cheek-Payan said...

I really, really love this quilt and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to do a tutorial on how you made it. Thank you so much!!! Love this! ;)

dawnaclark said...

Absolutely stunning. Looks like it was definitely a labor of love!
Do you hand piece all your quilts? That's how I learned to quilt, and love it, but I machine piece now.
Lucy is one lucky girl! :)