Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How I made the Ruby Quilt - Hexagons

I know you've seen a lot of WIPS while I worked on the Ruby Hex Quilt, but I thought I'd give you some background and show you how I did some things.

First: Never have your non quilting friends pick out a quilt pattern!  Kidding. Sort of.  I ordered the pattern that my friend liked - and I hated it.  Actually, I hated the instructions.  The finished product would have looked pretty much the same, but the pattern had been designed for easier piecing.  That meant lots more seams - and the hexes didn't end up quite even.  So I figured out the sizing from scratch.

First, starch is important in this project.  Whatever your favorite method is, use it.  The Hexes will be on grain on two sides, leaving FOUR sides on the bias.  You really don't want these pieces to stretch.

 Incompetech is my friend.  You can print out graph paper in almost any size and shape you want.  Since I wanted to use the most of a 5" charm square - I figured out a hexagon that was 5" across.  That makes each side 2.5".

 I used basting spray on the paper so it would stick to the charm squares while I cut.

 You have to mark your seam intersections.  This is VERY important.  DO NOT SKIP this.

Now the hexagons are ready to piece.  First I laid them out in the way I liked.  I don't have a design wall.  I used a flannel sheet on the living room floor.
 I staked them up in order and labeled the rows.
And pieced them into strips.  Starting and stopping at the marked dots.  I also back stitched so they wouldn't pull apart.

And now this post is long enough.  I'll talk diamonds tomorrow.

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the gathering girls said...

this is a beautiful quilt and I love the flowers you quilted on it!
thank you for showing us how you put it together!