Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Peeps Quilt

Are you tired of seeing Peeps?  This is my last one - at least until next year.

Various buttons from the button jar for the eyes and noses.

 Had to color these with a sharpie.

 Some quilting close-ups.  Yellow scallops around pink bunny.
 Loopy rows around purple bunny.
 Scalloped flowers around blue bunny.

 Loopy meander around yellow bunny.
 The back.
 This is the horrible gut wrenching moment when you realize that your extra backing material has gotten folded under the quilt and quilted into the back side.  Since it is just a wall hanging for me - I was not going to rip stitches and re-quilt!

This is the first time I've ever done an actual bias binding.  I wanted the diagonals of the gingham for the edge.  I now understand the appeal, it certainly does turn the edge better.  Not convinced that it's worth the messing around, though.
Hanging in place.  Just in time for Easter.
Happy Easter everyone.

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