Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wall Hanging Finish

 I finished up the quilting on this wall hanging the other evening.  (Do you all wonder if I'm slightly schizo with my attention span on projects?  Me too. -look there goes a chicken!-)  Anyway.  I think I showed it to you previously all basted together.  It was a panel that I inherited from my mom's stash.  An old Daisy Kingdom print. 
 As I was quilting it my MIL saw it and asked about it.  Since I didn't have any idea what I was going to do with it, I offered it to her.  She said yes.  So it will have a happy home.  Actually I think it would go perfectly in the dining room of her vacation house.  I just need to tell her. :)
 I did some transparent thread quilting around the center panel.  I haven't done that in ages - and it went really well.  Either I have a better machine, or I'm getting better at the whole free motion thing.
 Little bit of quilting along the 'ribbon'.
The back.  Maybe part of the reason the transparent thread went well is what I used on the back.  I figured since it is a wall hanging it doesn't really matter what the back looks like.  The quilt finished up at 32" square.
And the proof that nothing ever can go too easily.  I had to piece an inch piece into the binding so the edges would meet :0  !  Oh, and I forgot to add the sleeve until the binding was on.  So a bit of extra hand stitching to take care of that.

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Mindy said...

Fancy! I love the quilting around the tree/fence and its silhouette on the back! Very nice.

Regina said...

Welcome to my world - referring to the adding an inch!