Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Dress Plans

I'm gathering my supplies and making plans for E's Easter dress.  I haven't done a Christmas or Easter dress for her for over a year and its about time.

 I found this lace curtain last year at Goodwill and picked it up - I should have bought all of them in hindsight.  Oh well.  I can always look for more if this works out.
 Last night I introduced it to some fabric dye.  Seeing that the curtain is 100% polyester, they didn't get along real well.
Can't really tell, can you?
Its a little more noticeable against the purple.
 Anyway, I picked up this pattern at another local thrift store for $.50!  I think its so sweet with the square neckline and bell sleeves.  I will definitely have to lengthen it.  We are below the knee people around here.
 Still in factory folds.  This is a big deal for vintage pattern collectors.  It also means I have to carefully unfold, trace and then refold.
 I paid less than the pattern cost originally!  I found the receipt inside the envelope.

There are a bunch of things I'd love to get done before Easter for the whole family.  But realistically - we'll have to wait and see.  Here's to a productive weekend!

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