Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lego Sewing Machines

Have you seen some of the Lego Sewing Machines out there?  Thanks to Pinterest? (which, by the way, you can follow me, here.)

Here are our family's offerings.
 Made by me to match my Viking Sewing machine.  Do you like the foot pedal?

 Made by WD when I asked him to make one for me.
 E's machine.  Directly inspired from here.

I have to say it was much fun to figure out how to build a Lego Sewing Machine.  And much time and frustration as well.  It must be easier for kids.


Michelle said...

I love the one with the colored spools!

Mindy said...

These are spectacular! How hilariously fun! =)

Letterpress said...

This is terrific. My son and I (the lego creature of our family) trade Lego pictures back and forth (he's nearing 35 years old now), so I'm going to send him the link to your post.

I saw your other post about how your table has been overtaken by Lego creations. I finally turned the top of the chest of drawers (it was a long, low model) into the Lego town when they were kids. We had quite a village. Now my son still makes Lego creations with his boys, and like yours, they are flying things. So fishing line, and a few nails, and they fly permanently above his desk at home (if he put them in the boys' rooms, I doubt they would survive).

Fun post!

Elizabeth E.