Sunday, January 8, 2012

Felted Wool Bag

 This was a Christmas Gift for my Sister-in-law.  A Felted Wool bag - fully lined.
 It is all made from one sweater.  The flag was on the sweater originally and came through the felting pretty well.
 Front and back are the front and back of the sweater.  The sides are from the sleeves.  The handles are doubled over and sewn ribbing from the bottom band of the sweater.
 Seeing as it's fully lined, it's practically reversible!
It did lack in structure once it was done, so I made an insert for the bottom and stuck in a piece of cardboard.  A piece of hard plastic would work, too.

The Southern Institute


Pam said...

You've co-ordinated the lining perfectly with the felted wool. What a great idea to make an insert to add the cardboard for structure. I'd love for you to share this bag (and any others) at my ongoing linky that's exclusively for bags and totes...

Mindy said...

Looks great! I love how it turned out.

Christie said...

I love your bag, it turned out so sweet! I am yet to try felting, I always love the results on other people's projects, I must try it this year!

Anonymous said...

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