Friday, January 27, 2012

Family Friday - 100 Day

Every year at the kid's school they celebrate 100 day.  Food, games, counting and wearing 100 of something.  They have lots of fun with it.  I'm pretty sure we never did such a thing when I was a kid!  Anyway, this year's 100 day T-shirts:
 100 Ants for WD
100 Red, White, and Blue Feathers for E.
I totally forgot to get pictures of the kids wearing them this morning.  Oh, well, maybe later.

Due to large amounts of hot glue, these shirts will not be washable.....
Have a great weekend everybody.  Thanks for reading my little blog.

Oh, and guess what - Measured by the Heart featured me twice today!


~Beth D. said...

awesome! My first grade teacher always did 100 red balloons because the day was closer to valentines day.

Both of these shirts are great ideas!

Letterpress said...

We did 100 days too. I had to find 100 pennies once. I like the ants and the feathers--clever!

Elizabeth E.