Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Totally Turkey Tutorial

Ready to make your own gaggle of Turkeys for Thanksgiving?
 What you will need:
Dark Brown Felt for back
Light Brown Felt for body
Orange or Yellow Felt for beak
Various colored felt for feathers
Lightweight cardboard
4mm wiggle eyes

Cut one 2" circle and one 3" circle from Dark Brown felt.
Cut one 2" circle from lightweight cardboard (mine is from a tissue box)
Cut one 'peanut shape' from light brown felt.  Mine is about 1 3/4" tall.  I just drew it freehand.
Cut out lots of various colored feathers.  Again, just freehand it.  Mine are probably 1" long, or so.

Glue the cardboard circle to the center of the 3" dark brown felt.  Turn over the edges and glue down.  Glue the 2" dark brown circle to the back.  This is your Turkey foundation.  For more detailed pictures check out yesterday's Sunflower Tutorial.

 Start gluing on feathers.  These pictures are from my first Turkey.  I later decided more feathers were better.

Glue the 'Peanut' body to the center.
Glue on a beak and some googley eyes.

Gobble. Gobble. Gobble.
And if you've got some leftover feathers, let your 8 yo daughter make some flowers for her hair.


Leslie said...

these are cute...we just might need to make these for our place settings tomorrow.

Dorothy said...

Cute turkeys, I want to make some of these! Bless you, mother of 4, I raised 4 boys! Happy Thanksgiving! Dorothy