Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cherry Jam & More Busting

 I finally got the cherries out of my freezer and I'm done canning for the year.
As for Stash Busting:
 This is flannel left over from the Christmas Project backing.  See the seams that aren't square?  Yeah, it makes my head hurt a little.  I will probably back this with flannel and turn it into a charity quilt.  Later.
And this is just an ugly fleece 'whatever' blanket.  It accomplishes two things. 1. Emptied my box of left over fleece pieces.  I don't really like sewing fleece - although my serger made piecing this a breeze. 2. An extra blanket around for the 'whatevers', like animals, moving furniture, whatever.  I didn't even bother to square it up.

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byhooks4u said...

LOL..i guess you don't like it!!