Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Review

 A perfect day at Old World Wisconsin
 A hair cut for the wee one.
 Wood stacked and perfect pumpkin bought.
 Lard Rendered
 7 jars of applesauce canned
And a bit of quilting.
How was your weekend?


Mindy said...

How do you use the lard? Anything other than your biscuits?

I make my own refried beans on a regular basis, and I have a chef friend that has rendered lard just for the experience of doing it. She wanted to know if I could use any for my beans, but I never actually add a fat/oil to them. So I was just curious how you used yours.

A very productive weekend for you!

Rachel said...

I use lard pretty much anywhere that calls for shortening. Biscuits, pie crust, even peanut butter cookies. It is also great for deep frying. We just had popcorn popped in lard the other day, and I am anxious to try that. You pretty much have to use it in things that get cooked, it doesn't taste great 'raw' but the flavor gets cooked out.