Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sewing Plans

I finally ordered myself a subscription to Ottobre.

These are actually just two issues, they have double covers!  I was hesitant for a long time because of the cost.  48 Euros/ $75.00!  This gets me two women's issues and 4 kids issues.  I was afraid to spend the money on patterns I wouldn't use.  Well, that has been put to rest!  I want to make (almost) everything in these issues!  See the third from the top?  I could never make that.  I think my mom had a shirt just like it when she was my age.  Not cool.  I don't think I could pull it off!  I love the dress - 2nd from the top.  There is even a swimsuit pattern I might try for myself!

Speaking of my mom's style - check out what I pulled out of her old pattern stash.

Rather appropriate and useful 25 years later!


- said...

Such lovely books/magazines to leaf through. I really like scarves. They add so much to an outfit or by tying on bags too.

Mindy said...

That's a fun scarf book!
Your patterns are going to be great--can't wait to see what you make.

Teek said...

I love these magazines too