Monday, March 14, 2011

Lucky Garland Tutorial

Well here we are, extending Irish Week.  I didn't get to show you everything yet, and since Thursday is the Day, we'll keep on celebrating!

This is the tutorial that I posted over at My World-Made by Hand last week.

Lucky Garland
You will need a variety of green card stock, a clover shape that you like, (I also made some circles) and a way to cut out your shapes.   I don't have a fancy cutting machine, so I used a pencil to trace my design and scissors to cut them all out.  You will also need thread and a sewing machine.

 Regular paper can work, too.  I really liked this plaid, so I glued it to some card stock so it would hold up better.

Trace and cut as many clovers as you like. 

 You can lay them out in a general pattern before you sew, or just pile them up and put them together randomly. (I like to see the pattern)
 You can use a coordinating or contrasting thread in your machine.  I went with a variegated green.
 Start feeding your shapes through the machine.
*When you use a needle for paper, DO NOT use it again for fabric!
 When you have chain-pieced as many as you want, put a piece of tape on the back at the end to keep it from unraveling, and clip.
And now you have your Lucky Garland!

As you can see I also added in some orange and white circles with the green.  Those will have a double purpose, they match the boy's room perfectly!


Naturally Carol said...

Clever girl..I love your garlands..the shades of green are all georgeous and the orange is a great contrast. Happy St Pat's day for the 17th!

That Crazy Ajumma said...

Now theres something I need to make!! I virtually have so very little St Patricks Day decor. I have not been impressed with the things I see at the stores.
Thanks for sharing!