Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Poffertjes or Ebelskiver

  Last year for Christmas Mr. Riley bought me a strange looking pan.

It was on my list. 

It is for making Poffertjes (if your Dutch) or Ebelskiver (if your Danish).  We've made  them twice now, the last time was on New Year's Eve with family.  We have tried filling them with many things; all kinds of jam, chocolate chips, peanut butter, maple syrup, cream cheese, and blueberries.  We have also served them with powdered sugar, whipped cream and syrup.  All Good.

 Mr. Riley and I work as a team, I do the batter, he does the fillings.
Hi! Kevin

Another satisfied customer! (My nephew, Nickolas)


Unknown said...

YUMMY! Wonder if you have to flip these and how hard it is. Where did you get the pan? Did a recipe come with the pan or did you find one somewhere... of course I'd have to change it up a bit to use Rice flour but I'm interested enough to check this out

Mindy said...

Wow--looks fun. Can you give us a phonetic pronunciation of those words?