Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Recipe Day - Pasties

The Pasty - comfort food from the Cornish Miners in Wisconsin and the U.P. of Michigan.  (Say it with an A as in Apple)  My Father-in-law grew up in the U.P. and after having pasties at a couple of restaurants up there, I decided to make some for us at home.  After reading the Wikipedia Article, apparently I break 'the rules' by adding carrots - but we like it anyway!

Pie crust for 2 pies
About 1 lb beef (either browned hamburger, or shredded from a roast)
3 Medium Diced Carrots
1 Diced Onion
Half of a Diced Rutabaga (this is important, its what makes a pasty a pasty)
1 or 2 Diced Potatoes (I sometimes skip this, since I already have starchy root vegetable with the rutabaga)
Salt & Pepper to taste

Mix your browned/cooked meat and all your diced vegetables in a bowl.  Add salt and pepper.  Stir to mix well.
Roll out  a piece of dough into a circle.  This can vary, depending on how big you want your pasties.  If you like more crust than filling, make smaller circles and less filling.  If you're in a hurry, make bigger circles and fill them up.
Fold the dough over the filling. Making a semi-circle.
Push the dough together and turn to make a nice, sealed edge.
Put your pasty on a baking sheet and cook at 425 degrees until crust is nice and golden brown.  These pasties in the picture are pretty large and it took about 40 minutes to get them completely cooked.

Pasties are traditionally served with a brown beef gravy.  Or you can serve them with Ketchup or Barbecue Sauce.

Wesley was hungry for pasties!


missbossypants said...

mmmmmm, looks tasty!

Margaret said...

I have some pasties in the freezer that are not cooked. I bought them from a fund raiser. Do you know if I should thaw them and then cook or just put them in the oven for a longer time? Thanks for any information you can give me.