Sunday, September 19, 2010


Eleanor turned seven this past Saturday.  So this post is dedicated to her.
Birthday Girl

My little Ballerina

Animal Lover
Outdoors Girl
Larger than Life

Who cracks me up with her writings

And gives me warm fuzzies from others.

She sees beauty in whatever she finds.

Saw dust, thorn-apples, old fake daffodil

She's my sweetie pie, Peanut Girl and I love the stage she's in, somewhere between child, girl and small glimpses of teen years and beyond.  She keeps me entertained and is just fun to hang out with.  They say that the kids grow fast, but you don't believe it until one day they're seven and you look back and can't believe they were ever as small as their baby brother!

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Unknown said...

Our daughters would get along beautifully... it's like you are describing Abby! Happy birthday to your daughter!