Friday, August 20, 2010

Back Pack Make Over

I read somewhere that to get people to read your blog you have to do tutorials.  So this is how I made over my kid's backpacks as they get ready to start school on Monday.  We love to shop at Land's End - especially the overstocks.  When you buy something that has been monogrammed and then returned - extra discount!

So this first picture is the original backpack

I can't imagine why Spencer wouldn't want a lovely plum colored backpack.  

So the first thing I did was cut a piece of fabric and a piece of interfacing 5x6".  Folded right sides together and sewed, leaving an opening to turn right side out.

Next I turned it right side out, ironed it and embroidered my daughters name with a satin stitch.

I didn't take pictures of the next steps, but I will explain and you will see the results on the finished product.  
I took the embroidered fabric and centered it over the unwanted named, pinned in place and then did a satin stitch around the edge to secure it to the backpack. (confession: the first time around was not nice and neat, so I widened my satin stitch and went over it again)  I would recommend sewing it down with a straight stitch and then going back over with your satin stitch. (I did this for my son's - it worked much better)

The other thing that was added onto the backpack was a sparkly iron-on applique.  I made the mother's mistake of letting the kids pick out whatever they wanted.  Of course they picked out A. expensive and B. easy to come off.  Not to mention the fact it took Eleanor 20 minutes to decide which one she wanted.  I finally started walking to the check-out and she came running up at the last second.  It took Will 10 seconds to decide.  Saw the dog, loved the dog.

I ironed on the sparkles to a piece of fabric (following manufacturer's instructions).  Then I cut around the shape.  I was worried that as soon as they started using the backpacks, the sparkles would come off - so my solution was to sew a piece of plastic over the applique to protect it.  I simply cut a square of plastic from one of those bags that curtains or sheets come in.  I placed it over the iron on and did a straight stitch around the shape.  Then I did a satin stitch around the edge for a more secure hold.  I am a little worried that the satin stitch perforated the plastic too much, but time will tell.  

Sewing on the applique was the hardest, because it was on the front pocket of the backpack and that's a lot of stuff to push around under a sewing machine - but I am pretty happy with it overall and most importantly so are my kids!

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