Sunday, February 23, 2020

Updated Project List Feb 2020

I've been getting things done!  A few quilts on the finished list and some sewing for Mini!  I need to do some bee blocks and then decide on the next things to quilt. 

Finished Quilts
Blue and White Hexagon Quilt:  Blog Post *Here*
Bee-Attitudes Wall Hanging:  Need to Blog
Charm Parade:  Need to Blog

Quilts to be bound

Tops that need to be quilted:
French General Irish Chain
On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt
Baby Blue and Red Charity Quilt
Large Flower Blocks Charity Quilt
Spider Web
Blue Fairy Quilt
Star Quilt
Girl Bonnie and Camille Baby Quilt
Flower Fairy Panel
4 quilts from a friend's mom
Pixie House Quilt
Gridsterbee Christmas Blocks 
Handmaids Christmas Quilt (moved up from the TTBF)

Tops to be finished (more done than not)
10 year Hexie quilt. (I've decided to put on borders)
Another Nut House (needs more embroidery)
EPP Orbit (applique to background?)
EPP Honeycombs (applique to background?)

Blocks to be turned into tops
Eclipse (pattern by modernquiltstudio)
Sampler blocks from Gridsterbee
Blue and White Log Cabin
Ugly Quilt x 6
EPP Star Flowers (thrifted)
Stack and Whack (thrifted)
Bug Jar (thrifted)

Quilts to Start
Si Bday quilt
Possible Two Baby Quilts
Checkers Quilt Kit

Other Sewing to be done
Shorts for Mini  DONE
Pjs for Mini  DONE
Swimsuit for Mini  DONE
Curtains for Laundry Room
Hand Bell Table Covers

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