Thursday, February 27, 2020

A Quick Panel Quilt Finish: The Bee-Attitudes

 I quilted up a panel that I bought last year.  Are you surprised?  It's bees!  And Bible Verses!  J Wecker Frisch generally likes to put in bits of Bible verses in her designs.  This one is pretty obvious, the Beatitudes. If you want the actual list check out Matthew 5:1-12
 My biggest problem with panels is that they are never really printed straight.  To trim and bind to the printing, the quilt itself is slightly wonky.
 This is a better shot of the backing colors.  The fabric is long ago Ruby fabric from Bonnie and Camille.
 A couple close up shots of the panel.
I just did some straight line quilting and a little bit of outlining in each box with Invisafil thread.  The batting is a thin mystery polyester.

Can't wait to hang it up and celebrate spring - once St Patrick's day is done.

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