Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Simplicity 8564, Dress and Catfish Purse

You know how it goes, right?
A quick trip to Hobby Lobby for "just a couple of things" turns into buying patterns and fabric for more projects??

I was skimming through patterns, since they were $0.99 and looking for a swim suit pattern for mini and came across Simplicity 8564 - love at first sight for Mini.

 And then when we found the unicorns and rainbows fabric - it was all over.
And now, the little stinker won't model the dress for me.  Although its not like its warm enough to wear it!  More snow and ice here today!
The dress is really just a big tent, with bias straps and a ribbon in the back. 
There is, of course the flutter sleeve option.  If I make this again, I will choose something more drapey - and probably skip the back tie.

The real winner from this pattern in Mini's view, is the catfish purse.

She was totally willing to model that, as long as I didn't "fix" her hair. 
The pattern calls for felt/fleece for the eyes/nose.  I just went ahead and embroidered them on, along with the mouth and whiskers.  Found the perfect "scale" fabric in my stash from *this quilt for my niece*
Not sure what's going on here.... a wink, maybe?  The purse is pretty big. 

 I braided a few lenghts of multicolored yarn to make the strap.  Had to knot it at the top so it didn't drag on the ground.
 The catfish took way more time than the dress.  And if you decide to make it, you should know that the opening is just the head.  The body is closed.

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Danette said...

She certainly is a cute "little stinker". Catfish purse is awesome and looks like it makes her happy!