Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Three More Charity Quilts

 I am continuing to go through my piles to finish things.  This time I have three small quilts to share.  They will ultimately all go charity. 

This first one is a half square triangle quilt that I made with a charm square pack that I had purchased for an exchange I did a while back.  I had only used a handful of the charms.  To make this quilt even I did have to find something from a different pile of 30s fabric to make it work. 

The 30s reproduction fabrics are so fun.  Here are some of my favorites.
Hockey players and Little Bo Peep!
And the critters with the fluffy tails, are they cats or squirrels?
I did a big meander stitch for quilting - the large kind I can do around the pins.  Then I don't have to stop and take them out.
The back is a soft cotton that I think came from my mom's stash. 
Finished size: 32" x 41".  Poly batting.

 Next up is this Drunkard's Path quilt.  You may remember this from the pieces that I had used for my Grandmother's 100 bday (she's 101 now)
I did the quilting along the lines that I had made to sew down the original fabric circles.  This allowed the edges to floof a bit in the wash. 
The back is actually a cotton seersucker print. 
Finished size: 34" x 57"

 Last up is this little quilt.  It is the final quilt that I made up from the scraps from my niece's quilt.  
 Easy zig-zag lines for quilting. 

 Just a grey cotton print for the back.
 Finished size: 27" x 33".  This one has a cotton batting. 

Checking things off that list!

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Needled Mom said...

Nice little finishes! It always feels great to count them off as a finish.