Thursday, October 26, 2017

Really Random Thursday 10.26.17

I believe I mentioned there would be no blogging till after the quilt show was over.  Well, its over.  It was a rousing success and I will write a post on it and some of the quilts soon.  Today, we'll do a little catch up, though, for really Random Thursday.

 I've been doing a little work with the bee hives, getting them ready for winter.  I spilled some honey on my jacket, so this sweetie came to help clean me up.  That red thing from her mouth is her tongue.  Honey bee tongues are straws just like butterflies, just shorter.
 This was after I took off my jacket.  A few bees were helping with clean up. 
 In completely other (and random) news.  WD broke his arm at Monday night's football practice.  He's been a trooper about it.  The most disappointing thing is that he can't play for the championship game on Sunday.  He (and we) will be there, though, of course.  He did help get his team there, after all.

And of course, we got his pictures a day later.
 Speaking of bugs, we had praying mantis visitors a couple of different times in the last week.  Mr. Riley was letting this one crawl all over him.  (shudder)  I think they are super cool, but not enough to handle one.
It's upland game season, so Mr. Riley pulled out the chaps that I patch worked for him last year.
Its also Halloween season, so I am working up a quick kilt for one of the boys. 

We have had some really spectacular sunsets lately.  I tried to capture this one on the way home from cello lessons.  Safety first!


Regina said...

E looks exactly like her dad!!! Looking at the mantis picture, I realized this.

Unknown said...

Except A LOT prettier!! :-)