Thursday, October 12, 2017

Really Random Thursday 10.12.17

Since I've already sat at my computer for two hours doing various other things, like publishing a newsletter for my guild and filling out rebate forms, I figured I might as well squeeze in a blog post - I'm sure it will be a while before I write another one.  Probably the next will be for our Final Four-in-Art reveal on Nov 1.

On we go:

 WP is learning the recorder at school.  On the plus side, he is learning treble clef.  On the negative, I have to listen to it.  (sorry to my parents who had to listen to me all those years ago)
 I knew it was time to put the hummingbird feeder away when all I had were yellow jackets.
 When I manage my three mile morning walk - I see cows.
 Mr. Riley is now working in a new building.  We went to an open house to check it out.  Just a couple of shots.  The above picture is actually the Old building where the new building meets it.
 Looking to the Northeast
 Looking to the west.  Here's an article from the New York Times to read if you're so inclined.
 One of the kids took this picture.  (the pool is closed for the winter)
 Brought this praying mantis in for a night to show the kids.  Its been a couple of years since we've seen any.  One year I think we saw a dozen!
 Football continues, even in the rain.  The team always comes and applauds the audience after the games.  Its been a great experience for WD.  We couldn't have asked for better coaches. And going into the playoffs they are undefeated!
Pheasant and grouse season open soon, so we were admiring my patchwork job on the chaps.

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