Thursday, December 8, 2016

Really Random Thursday 12.8.16

 Really Random Thursday.  Let's catch up.
 Found TimTams at Target last Saturday.  Bought the last four packages.  We've got one left.

 Juniper when she came (above)
 Juniper the expectant mother.  Waiting.....
 We had our first official snow fall on Sunday.  It was absolutley perfect. Warm, sticky and beautiful.  The kids were outside for hours.
 The first snowman fell over in the melting so mini and I rebuilt it Tuesday].  Now that is (really) cold, I think he'll be around for a while.

 I attended a Christmas Tea at our church Monday night.  I was the table hostess, providing the food.  My fruit was matchy-matchy.  Loved it!
 Also a random piece of luck, we happened across the Christmas Train coming home from instrument lessons on Monday evening.
 E and I attended a concert in downtown Milwaukee last night.  It was fun and the city was beautifully decorated for Christmas.  She is clearly better at selfies than I! Oh, and also quite a bit taller now, too.

  And I am officially a basketball mom, now.  WD is playing on the Jr High team.  Last Thursday was their first game.  The first time many of them had ever played a basketball game.  They did not win, but it was fun, nonetheless.  Next game is this afternoon.  Go Cougars!

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Regina said...

Are Tim Tams a thing? What do they taste like? I might have to venture to Target. I can't believe how Mini has grown! Time waits for no man indeed.