Friday, December 2, 2016

Pansy Charity Quilt - Finish

 I didn't share this quilt yesterday with the others since it is different.  I had the Pansy fat quarters from an acquisition at some point.  I decided to cut 9" blocks and find some matching fabrics for simple patchwork. 

 I had originally let E do the layout.  It wasn't symmetrical enough for me, so I redid it.  I think she's still mad.  I did a scrappy border for the quilt of the fabrics in it.  Just trying to use things up around here. (insert maniacal laughter)
 The back is red yardage I've had forever.  It was pretty stiff sewing, but is soooo soft after washing and drying.
 I've been doing my basing on the table, when I can.  Easier than the floor.
 I wanted to talk a bit about the quilting.  I did large meander on each of the four quilts.  If you do it right you can quilt around the safety pins and then take them out at the end.  Much quicker. 
  More frankenbatting with this one and the final measurements are approx 40" x 57".  I will have to hold on to these until our next guild meeting, which is almost two months away!


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