Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Finishes - A Plethora of Pea Pod Pouches

 Last week and over the weekend I sewed up 16 Pea Pod Pouches by Lazy Girl Designs.  This isn't the first time I've sewn them.  My first two experiences can be found here and here.
The original pattern calls for a 10" square of fabric and a 16" or longer zipper.  I've found that I can manage with a 14" zipper if necessary and also, if you have longer zippers, you can make larger pouches.  That whole math thing.  I've been amassing a collection of zippers from various places.  Joann store closing, Hobby Lobby clearance and the thrift store. 
 For the most part these will be going to teachers for Christmas Gifts.  What ever is left will go toward our guild Boutique for our quilt show.  Those Canadian flag pouches have a specific person!
 My fabric choices were mostly dictated by what zippers I had.
  Between using up the stash, left over batting, and clearance zippers, I think I've probably spent less than $2.00 per pouch.  I do plan to fill them for gifting, though.  If you're a teacher of my kids and reading this.  Feel free to shout out for one you like.  I guess it won't be a surprise....

Speaking of batting, the pattern calls for fusible fleece.  I just use batting and an adhesive spray.

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Celtic Thistle said...

These are great, and so thrifty! Well done you :)

Regina said...

You are making me want to try that bag more and more. They all look really nice, good job!

Dawn said...

Did you end up buying extra zipper pulls? I made one for my daughter but ended up with half a zipper as you know. How did you manage that?. Cute bags!!!!