Thursday, February 25, 2016

Really Random Thursday 2.25.16

Or, my week in Instagram (plus a couple).

 Me and two kids checked out Mars Cheese Castle yesterday.  I've been in need of some Wisconsin Post cards, which means I had to find a touristy place. This is actually just a few minutes from my house, be we've never stopped before.
I made some fabric worms (actually my draft blockers).  More on them in another post.
I actually have to take my stitching everywhere now.  I seem to be doing a lot more waiting for children as they get busier with spring schedules.
I was cleaning out our Candy Bucket - and pulled out the Pez collection.  I've had a talk with the Easter Bunny and requested no more bunny dispensers.  Incidentally, Wolverine, Pumpkin and Boba Fett are all Mr. Riley's.
And really the last week and a half have been blah.  First the stomach flu went through 4/7 of the family, then a cold for 3/7, then pink eye for 1/7.  I'm tired of germs. 
I also don't particularly like this time of year.  I would take snow cover over blah, brown, mud any day.  Today is at least trying to be sunny.  It helps, almost.


Needled Mom said...

Gosh....I am hearing of so many cases of pink eye this year. Those little PEZ dispensers are so much fun.

Regina said...

I'm looking for a BB8 Pez dispenser to add to my collection!

Some sort of bug is trying to latch onto me and I have informed my director that if I get sick during my quilt retreat vacation scheduled for next week, I am calling in sick to work the week after!!!