Friday, February 26, 2016

Draft Blockers

 Just a quick finish to share.  I know I showed the fabric a while ago.  I picked up a couple yards of plastic coated fabric at IKEA in January. (we went the coldest day of the year)
 I just sewed big tubes, gathered an end, and then turned it right side out.  I then sewed up some little sand bags, one for each end.  The middle is stuffed with regular poly-fil.  The ends are weighted with the sand bags.

I had sewn some magnets in this one to help hold it to the front (metal) door.  While it technically works, the magnets are not strong enough, really, to keep it there when the door opens and closes.  Oh, well.  I'm certainly not going to re-do it at this point.  It keeps out the cold, so its a win.

If you ever consider making these for yourself - the measurements are somewhat arbitrary, I just made them long enough to cover the doors that I wanted and 10" wide.  However, that was just barely enough for me to get my hand in it for turning and stuffing, so a little wider may have been easier.

I have enough of the fabric left over that I'm thinking of making up a tote bag.  It could be useful for either shopping, or swimming. 

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