Wednesday, January 6, 2016

WIP Wednesday 1.6.16

OOOO.  1.6.16  Yeah, I'm a dork.

OK.  I had originally thought January would be nice and relaxing in the sewing/quilting area, but I feel like things are already filling up.

My two HAVE TOS:

 My Next Four in Art Quilt.  Color: Microscopic.   I have a plan and I have the tools.
 The other group project I'm involved in is a Spelling Bee Quilt project.  Each member has a month and a list of words that they would like.  My Bees was just for practice.  They need work.  I have three (short) words to do for January.


Still working away at blocks for my Christmas Handmaids Quilt.

I took a workshop on the color wheel Monday.  We did cutting, not sewing.  These are the blocks laid out.  Each one is made using the color wheel to add the 12 squares.  The class itself was great.  I'm not loving the blocks.  I will have to pull them out and take a look in natural light and see if I'm happier then, or if I should switch some things up.

And then there's the should start/finish pile.
WD is patiently waiting for his Minecraft Quilt.
I need to make a quilt for my niece.  She has to choose fabric, though.
I did want to make a quilt for Mr. Riley's birthday. 4 weeks away.  Hmmmm.
And then there is the pile of tops and one basted quilt waiting for me......

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