Thursday, January 7, 2016

Miscellany: Random Projects and Items

 With this post I am pretty well caught up with all my finished sewing projects.  There isn't much, which is why there was a looong break of blogging.  Plus Christmas, plus company, plus family.
 I made two dog beds.  A few years ago I bought yards and yards of blue corduroy at a thrift store.  Makes good dog beds.  They are just big rectangles with a piece of the green foam from Joann's in them.  Totally washable.  And the dogs don't seem to want to chew them apart.
 Also Mini approved.
 I did finish all the pajama pants for Christmas.  Like three weeks early.  Yay Me.
  A couple more items I received for Christmas.  I put the Tula Pink coloring book on my list.  I now have 5 or 6 adult coloring books.  I actually have no desire to color in them.  If I've got that much time on my hands, I'd rather sew.  But they are so pretty.  And E has been using them a wee bit.

 Also, Mr. Riley bought me random rulers.  He doesn't shop off my list, so its always interesting to see what I get for Christmas.  Every quilter likes rulers!  I can only imagine they were suggested by Amazon!


Judy H said...

I need another 6.5 inch rules. My fiskars of that size...well, all the lines are worn off, so it's really not much help these days. But I love that size.

Regina said...

Three posts in three days, yep, the holidays are over! Does the cover come off your dog bed? My dad's dog, my brother Connor, needs a new dog bed.